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The intraoral camera is extremely helpful for diagnosing dental conditions such as tooth decay and cracked teeth and for educating patients about their state of dental health. Since the intraoral camera is used in tandem with a computer screen or television monitor, your dentist can easily show you, in real-time, if you have a fractured tooth or need gum disease treatment. A picture is worth a thousand words!

The time saved by using the intraoral camera is especially noticeable when your dentist needs to take several images at one time. Intraoral camera images are easy to re-take, print and duplicate. Not only does this streamline your dental exam and treatment, but printouts can be sent to dental insurance companies to strengthen claims and expedite the approval of dental coverage. In fact, these images are so useful that some insurance companies now accept images via e-mail; the reduced paper trail is environmentally friendly and cuts down on claim-processing time.

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